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"Aloha E Komo Mai" - Compiled solely because of their passion for Manta Rays and their belief that Manta Rays are one of the most beautiful ocean creatures, photographers James and Martina Wing present the Manta Rays of Hawaii. Their combined experience of more than 35 years is unmatched and no one else in the world has more Manta Ray dives than they do.

Manta Rays in Hawaii have been Kona's most unique attraction to travelers since they were "discovered" in the early 90's. The near shore waters of Kona, Hawaii are home to one of the most robust and accessible populations of Manta Rays in the world. While Manta Rays are found in most oceans, their regular appearances to feed at night in Kona, Hawaii is unique in the world.
Initially, the Manta Rays were enjoyed only by divers, but within the last few years it has transformed into a Manta Ray Snorkel activity to be enjoyed by all ages. Now, more people snorkel (than scuba dive) with the exotic Kona Manta Rays. Even the most seasoned traveler often comments that the Kona Manta Ray Experience is the "most amazing thing I've ever done!". Although staged and conducted at night, powerful lights are used to attract Manta Rays and these lights illuminate the area so much, that you forget that it is after dark in the warm, tropical waters of the Pacific Ocean.

This website is dedicated to the Manta Rays in Hawaii. We hope you enjoy the information, imagery, insights, stories and inspiration by voyaging through their surreal underwater world.

With Aloha, James & Martina Wing

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