Video Gallery

The Manta Ray Experience

“Dive in” and enjoy a short introductory movie about the Manta Ray Experience. You’ve read about it, you’ve heard about it, but your mind cannot imagine the beauty and grace of the “Gentle Giants of the Sea”.

Length: 3:46 min

Diary of a Manta Ray Pregnancy

“Big Bertha”, one of our largest female Rays, gave birth to a Manta Ray pup sometime between June 30th, 2011 and July 15, 2011. We filmed her regularly and have created a movie about her pregnancy starting with courtship behavior.

Length: 10:06 min

Other things we enjoy during the Manta Ray Experience

Hawaiian Flagtails, Needlefish, Wrasses, Trumpet Fish... just to name a few of the other creatures that make the Manta Ray Experience even more exiting.
This movie features the above mentioned sea life, and don’t worry, there will be no sharks in this video. Our videographers have never encountered a shark on the Manta Ray Experience and this is backed up with over 5000 dives at Manta Village and Manta Heaven.

Length: 4:12 min

The Manta Rays natural diet and more…

Two common questions from our guests are whether or not we feed the Manta Rays and if they eat the fish that hang out in the midwater section during the Manta Ray Experience.
Check out this video and we will show you the answers to those questions…

Length: 2:42 min

Bottlenose Dolphins at Night with Manta Rays

On very rare occasions we encounter dolphins at night at the dive site. In January 2012 we were blessed with their appearances and here is the movie to enjoy.

Length: 4:26 min

Dolphin Rescue at Manta Heaven (January 11, 2013)

Remember the Bottlenose Dolphin Rescue video that went viral on You Tube? Martina was the camera person and it has already over 2.5 Mio views!! A must-see video that will touch your heart!

Length: 8:32 min

Check out this sample movie to see our quality and workmanship

Every night we create custom movies from your Experience with the Manta Rays. We want to encourage you to enjoy the Adventure and seeing the "big picture", instead of spending too much time looking through your view finder. We got you covered with incredible imagery!

Length: 2:33 min