Underwater Videography

Underwater Videography



We provide video services in High Definition on the Manta Ray Experience to many of the local boat operators. You can purchase a DVD, download and stills of your night with the Manta Rays after the activity or contact us later by email, phone or through our Online Store. Stock video segments can be purchased as well.

We keep our edited movies on file for several months, but we also keep the original footage archived for many years. If you enjoyed this activity even years ago, don't hesitate to contact us.


Production Companies

We are happy to provide a prompt quote if services are required. We encourage interested parties to contact us to insure our availability.



Our staff is available to provide High Definition video and still image services to private groups or individuals for snorkeling, day/night dives or other special activities. Prices vary depending on what we are asked to do and for how long. Please contact us for a quote.

Manta Ray Underwater Videography



For those of you who require it, we guarantee privacy. We have had the opportunity to work with celebrities in the past and in these instances, we have provided them with video services.