Testimonials from our former Interns and Volunteers



Ryan, North Carolina


I interned with Ocean Wings Hawaii in 2004.  I was unsure of what to expect but excited to spend a summer in Hawaii.  The internship was fabulous.  It was fun, exhilarating, and eye opening.  It was hard work and long hours, but I saw amazing things.  I learned a lot about work ethic in a small business, how to work as a team and small-scale video production skills. I was able to edit and take home a custom DVD of my internship.  My experience with Jim, Martina & Ocean Wings changed my life!

Ryan, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
10-week internship, Summer 2004
and hired full-time after graduation in May 2005


Katrina, New York


In Hawaii I swam with dolphins, went diving with manta rays, and edited video footage of tourists doing the same. Interning with Ocean Wings Hawaii was an unforgettable, amazing experience! I learned valuable communication and editing skills, and had the chance to get very close to Hawaii’s incredible marine life. Now I know that life is truly what you make of it and I’m so glad I embraced the opportunity to intern with Ocean Wings Hawaii/Dolphin Dreams Images!

Katrina, New York, USA
4-week internship, Summer 2009


Heather, Florida


My internship with OWH/DDI was amazing!  I fell in love with the Manta Rays from the moment I first saw them.  I think about my adventures in Hawaii everyday and whenever I hear about someone's plans to go, I make sure to tell them that they HAVE to see the Mantas.
I can't wait to go back again and again!!


Heather, Florida, USA
20-Week Internship, Spring & Summer 2005


Christina, London, UK


The summer I spent as an intern with Ocean Wings Hawaii/Dolphin Dreams Images was the best summer of my life. Not only did I learn a vast amount about Manta rays and Hawaiian marine life, but I also developed my diving skills, and got to know some fantastic people.  As an ocean enthusiast, this was truly an unforgettable experience.


Christina (CT), London, UK
4-Week Internship, Summer 2006


Nicole, Zurich, Switzerland


The hands-on, real world experience that I have gained through my internship with Ocean Wings Hawaii has proved to be invaluable. The experience that I gained throughout my internship is knowledge that I would have never encountered in Switzerland. Ocean Wings has presented me with the opportunity to acquire skills that I have not previously been exposed to. I feel that this internship put me ahead of others who had not had similar experiences, when being considered for future decisions in my life and in my career. I highly recommend to anyone doing an internship with Martina and Jim on the Big Island of Hawaii. Thank you!

Nicole, Zurich, Switzerland
8-week Volunteer, Spring 2006


Devra, Calgary, Canada


The Multimedia program required me to complete a three-month internship relating to my field of study before graduating.  After searching tirelessly on the Internet I came across a website that seemed too good to be true.  An internship on the Big Island of Hawaii to take underwater stills and video!   Before I knew it I was on my way to what is now one of my fondest memories to date.

I was up at the crack of dawn most mornings packing all the gear for the morning dives, helping the crew on the boat with loading the tanks and preparing all the divers gear. I was given a still camera to start and as I became more comfortable I later graduated to a video camera.  Everyday was an adventure. We could dive the same dive site day after day and never see the same thing twice. The diving was AWESOME, especially the manta night dive!!!!
But I must say this internship was hard work. There were many days we dove up to four times a day and in-between the morning dives and night dives we were editing video, rinsing gear and preparing DVDs to send out to clients.
Martina and Jim are two extremely passionate and hard working people. They have spent countless hours diving in Hawaii and are familiar with all sea life and its behaviors.  It was incredible to learn from two individuals who love what they do.

I recently went back to visit the Big Island with my husband. He has heard me talk about my adventures with Ocean Wings/Dolphin Dreams and I wanted him to experience it himself.  We went on a night dive and we were very fortunate to see 5 mantas that night. We pull out our DVD to show everyone who comes over.

I highly recommend this internship to anyone.  You won’t be disappointed.

Devra, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
6-week Internship, Spring 2003

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Julia, Pennsylvania


My experience as an intern for Ocean Wings Hawaii is still to this day, something I can never replace and a time I will always cherish. It is a bit unnerving when you fly so far to people you don’t know and to a job you have never done before. However, as soon as I met Jim and Martina I knew I was with the right people that were going to make me feel at home, teach me what I needed to know, and introduce me to the culture of Hawaii.

I learned so much about diving, video, Hawaii culture and some really good business practices.   It was hard work, long hours and heavy responsibly; nevertheless I couldn’t have asked for a better internship or adventure.

Julia, Pennsylvania, USA
4-week Internship, Summer 2004


Jeff, Virginia


AWESOME, ADVENTUREOUS, MAJESTIC, FUN.. ….. That’s what you get for volunteering to help film Manta Rays.  This majestic creature inspires and amazes many visitors. But when you work with these creatures, you become a part of the adventure.

Working with  “Martina & Co.”, I learned more about these creatures, but I also learned what it takes to be an underwater videographer.  Time spent on the Hawaiian Islands and filming these creatures can never be match anywhere else.  All I can say is “ENJOY THE ADVENTURE”.

Jeff “STEW”, Virginia, USA
High School Oceanography Teacher, College Adjunct Professor &
Virginia Aquarium Diver
1-week Volunteer, Summer 2009


Jack, Florida


Much of what I have done in the past to further my career gave me a lot of knowledge, but it is the experience that is of the highest value. With Ocean Wings/Dolphin Dreams I was able to gain experience by filming and observing manta rays and dolphins in their natural habitat. Martina and Jim truly know these animals from their biology to their behavior, and are in a location where you can have these unique encounters consistently. Many years later since my internship, I still work in the diving/filming industry and apply much of what I learned from OWH to my career today.

Jack, Florida, USA
4-week internship, Summer 2006


Laura, New Jersey


As an individual, I have very high expectations. I am a hard worker, a perfectionist, and an over-achiever – all things that can, at times, lead me to massive disappointment.  I can easily say this internship surpassed my expectations my first morning in Kona.  Working for Jim and Martina Wing was an experience I will never forget.  Being a photography major and a biology minor, it was everything I have always looked for in terms of an experience to better help me in my career once I graduate. I worked extremely hard and felt more than appreciated for every second of time I put into the job. It was an experience I will undoubtedly remember for the rest of my life and has taken a big part in shaping the person I am today.  I am forever grateful for this opportunity and can only hope others have the same eye-opening experience I had.

Laura, New Jersey, USA
4-week internship, Summer 2010


Takeo, Japan


This was my first visit to the Big Island. I had a wonderful time with Jim, Martina, other interns, everyone involved, and Manta Rays! I went diving almost everyday with camera equipment and had amazing experience with underwater animals. I will definitely return with my family to share my experience sometime. Thank you, Jim and Martina!!


Takeo, Japan
8-week internship, Fall 2002


Harris, New York


My internship with Ocean Wings Hawaii/Dolphin Dreams Images was a once in a lifetime experience. I never ceased to be amazed by the marine life of Hawaii.
Although the internship is a lot of work, I would strongly recommend it to anyone who is passionate about the oceans and looking to learn more about underwater cinematography and business  operations in a fun, friendly environment.

Harris, New York, USA
4-week internship, Summer 2008


Maura, Pennsylvania


I worked as an intern with Ocean Wings Hawaii/Dolphin Dreams Images as a junior in high school in 2008, and to date it has been the best experience I have had. Hawaii is a magnificent place, and to be able to dive there is exceptional. Jim, Martina and Ryan are wonderful people to work with and made my stay with them so enjoyable. I learned valuable skills interning such as photography, filming, SCUBA diving, customer service, and editing. My time in Hawaii was well spent swimming with dolphins, turtles, manta rays and fish. I also saw whales and a hammer-head shark! I would definitely recommend volunteering or interning with Dolphin Dreams, it is a professional and exciting work environment and a trip you will never forget!!

Maura, Pennsylvania, USA
4-week internship, Winter 2008

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