Special Stories about the Manta Rays


Here is a collection of extra ordinary stories we encountered with Manta Rays or just important news ...

July 27, 2011: Blain Ray with fishing line

Blain Ray came into the manta site on July 27 with line caught around his cephalic fin.  Martina was able to remove it, however Blain Ray seemed to be a little shaken by the whole experience. He did not return to feed that night.  

July 15, 2011: Big Bertha is not pregnant anymore

The last time that we saw Big Bertha with a pregnant belly was on June 30, 2011. Today on July 15, 2011 we can report that she gave birth to a Manta Ray pup within the last 2 weeks. The belly is flat again!

We updated her "diary". Check it out here...."

July 14, 2011: Kailey Ray lost her cephalic fin

On July 14th Kailey Ray showed up at Manta Village very battered and missing her left cephalic fin. We hadn't seen her since May 31, 2011.
This little manta has been through a lot!   She got tossed on the rocks two winters ago in a big swell.  She has also had several run ins with fishing hooks and lines.  We are not sure what happened to her this time but she looks like she will make it.

June 25, 2011: Lisa Rae with Hook

At the end of my Manta Ray Dive on June 25, 2011 I saw Lisa Rae under one of the boats feeding on thick plankton. She hadn't made it to the "campfire" that night and that seemed unusual behavior for her. I started to film her, when I realized that she had a hook embedded on the top part of her mouth. The hook was new and shiny, a short line was still attached.
I saw Lisa Rae a few more times after that night and she is doing okay with it.
Two Dive Masters (Mikee and Luke) attempted to take the hook out, but unfortunately were unable. It is embedded deeply into her skin. For now, it is body-piercing, but hopefully it will rust out soon. (by Martina Wing)
Lisa Rae wit HookLisa Rae wit HookLisa Rae wit Hook


February 2011: Melainah Ray injured

On February 21, 2011 Melainah Ray came to the southern dive site with a deep, nasty cut on the leading edge of her right fin. She only stayed for a few minutes and then left. We had seen her on the 19th of February at Manta Heaven (Airport) and she was fine. This injury must have happened between her travel from Manta Heaven to Manta Village. It appears to be a fishing line injury.

Melainah was seen again three nights later on the 24th. She was moving very slowly and it seemed like she was in pain. We were able to get some images of the injury on February 25th. Check out the photo gallery which also shows images of her recuperating.

Compared to when we first observed Melainah Ray, she seems to be healing well. Fishing line injuries appear to be on the rise with other rays having similar but less severe injuries.

We will keep you posted about her recovery.

Melainah Ray - 1st time we saw her with the injury on her right wingMelainah Ray - She had just moved from Manta Heaven to Manta VillageMelainah Ray - She was moving slower than normalMelainah Ray Injury
Melainah Ray InjuryMelainah Ray InjuryMelainah Ray InjuryMelainah Ray Injury
Melainah Ray - she moved faster and did not seem to be hurting as muchMelainah Ray InjuryMelainah Ray InjuryMelainah Ray Injury


December 2010: Big Bertha is pregnant again

We filmed Big Bertha in courtship behavior followed by males in May 2010.
The results can be seen today. Big Bertha is pregnant.  Her round belly is obvious.

If everything goes right and with the gestation period of 13 months, we hope to welcome a Manta Ray pup to the Kona Family in June 2011. Check out Big Bertha's pregnancy"diary" we created.