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Our Services


The Manta Ray Experience is a “must do” activity for anyone who travels to Hawaii.  It has been featured as “One of the TOP 10 things to do in your lifetime” by the Travel Channel.

Travelers are treated to a fun, safe environment that enables them to observe [up-close] the gentle and graceful Manta Rays as they feed on "clouds" of tiny planktonic marine life.

We provide video- and photo services aboard a multitude of tour boats that frequent the Manta Ray feeding areas. We utilize state-of-the-art, High Definition video cameras and editing equipment. We capture your snorkel or dive and create a fully-edited DVD of your night, which is made available for purchase. This is truly a "once in a lifetime experience". You will want to share this with family and friends. Most people view this activity as the highlight of their vacation and often remark that the Manta Rays were the most amazing creature they have ever seen.

Each of our videographers is a Marine Naturalist. We will produce a video that is not only entertaining, but also artistic.

Re-live the experience long after your Hawaii vacation is over. Our video and stills make a great souvenir/gift. It is one of those vacation videos people actually enjoy watching. It is also a big hit at school or as video background during parties. Universally, people of all ages find the Manta Rays mesmerizing.

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