Our Services

Our Services

We are three passionate ocean lovers and Manta Advocates who started as a boutique production company back in 1991. Since then, our imagery has been featured worldwide on: Discovery Channel, BBC, PBS, The Travel Channel, New York Times, National Geographic, TNT, ESPN, A&E, etc.; our films even made it into the White House and also recently went viral with Dolphin Rescue Hawaii with over 15 Mill hits on YouTube!


Underwater Photo and Video Since 1991

The Manta Ray Experience is a “must do” activity for anyone who travels to Hawaii.  It has been featured as “One of the TOP 10 things to do in your lifetime” by the Travel Channel.

Travelers are treated to a fun, safe environment that enables them to observe [up-close] the gentle and graceful Manta Rays as they feed on "clouds" of tiny planktonic marine life.

For over 20 years we have provided video and photo services across a multitude of tour boats that frequent the Manta Ray dive sites.
We utilize professional-grade Digital SLR cameras and Broadcast Quality HD video cameras, and the latest non-linear editing equipment. We capture your snorkel or dive and create a fully-edited movie of your night along with print-quality photos, which are made available for purchase. This is truly a "once in a lifetime experience." You will want to share this with family and friends. Most people view this activity as the highlight of their vacation and often remark the Manta Rays were the most amazing creatures they have ever seen.

Re-live the experience long after your vacation in Hawaii is over. Our videos and photos make great souvenirs or gifts. It is one of those vacation videos people actually enjoy watching. It is also a big hit at school or as background during parties. Universally, people of all ages find the Manta Rays mesmerizing.

Videos and photos are shown immediately after the activity on a HDTV at Honokohau Harbor and they can be purchased on the spot at discounted rates. We also sell Blu-rays, DVDs, MP4 downloads and photos of your night adventure with the Manta Rays in our Online Store along with other unique Manta Ray items.


Ocean Advocacy and Eco-tourism

Our love for the Manta Rays has fueled our advocacy, education and research. With more than 10,000 hours observing these beautiful creatures, we are true experts on the Kona Mantas. We conduct our advocacy by a simple motto: DO NO HARM to the Manta Rays, promote, endorse and practice passive interaction with them.

We founded the Green List of Activity providers to help educate the consumer about companies working within the agreed upon standards. Being at the dive sites every night and working with so many tour operators, we have our finger on the pulse of the Manta Community. If you would like our help in finding a small boat or large boat that is family oriented or has a minimum age limit, we can help! Book through our Green List of Activity Providers and we will find you a boat that suits your needs.


Join Our Team

Have you ever wanted to know what it is like to work and live in “paradise?” We invite people to work with us and participate in our research, advocacy and production process. We offer volunteer and internship programs for people to get a glimpse of our work. You don’t need to be a Scuba Diver or know how to edit. We offer programs ranging from two weeks to two months. Programs are available for college credit or simply if you want to get away and experience something new. Check out our Programs.

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