Pre-Order the movie of your Manta Ray Experience

Aloha, we want to encourage you to pre-order your movie and pictures of your "Adventure of a Lifetime" from the most seasoned professional underwater photographers in the industry. Our combined experience of filming, observing and researching the Manta Rays in Kona, Hawaii exceeds 45 years!

Because we act solely as camera people, we have the freedom to cover many angles and vantage points to capture the beauty and grace of our "Gentle Giants". We want to encourage you to enjoy the Experience and seeing the "big picture", instead of spending too much time looking through your view finder.

We are highly specialized and have the perfect lighting system and camera equipment for filming at night to illuminate and capture stunning imagery - please remember that we are in the ocean, at night, in a low light situation.

Please contact us by email if you would like to pre-order the movie from your "Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience" with the Manta Rays and take advantage of discounted pricing!

We would need to know the date and tour operator you choose to see the Gentle Giants.


What is included when I pre-order?

  1. The movie includes the divers & snorkelers from YOUR boat and of course, the Manta Rays themselves.
  2. The length of the movie is approximately 20 minutes and is professionally edited with music and titles.
  3. The names of the manta rays you see during your adventure are included in the movie.
  4. The movie is available as a fully produced DVD, Blu Ray or download within 48 hrs of the activity.
  5. BONUS: If you pre-order, you receive the jpeg-pictures we take as well at no extra cost.

This is a vacation video friends and family want to see.

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