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Tim Christison & Dorothy Miller - commented on 25-Feb-2014

The HD Blu Ray is awesome. Thanks so much for capturing one of the most incredible experiences of my life!

Nancy, Virginia - USA - commented on 10-Sep-2013

My Dear Martina and All, Thank you for the amazing video of our Manta Snorkel adventure. We will cherish this as our most memorable event on our Hawaiian vacation! It arrived here in Virginia in one week. Thanks for the prompt service as well.

Tom & Lenora Dufour and Jennifer Millet - commented on 16-May-2013

My husband, Tom, and daughter, Jennifer, did the snorkel trip with me on May 7, 2013. We chose Big Island Divers to take the trip with. Our experience was wonderful. Ryan Leinbach actually came out on our boat to the sight. She gave us so much interesting information. We didn’t know what to expect, and the night was something we had never experienced before. To be able to share this with our daughter was very special. I am very happy that you are doing research and have so much wonderful information about the mantas. It is amazing that you are able to identify these awesome creatures and that they all have names. For those that have never done this before, you will have an experience of a lifetime. For those that have, I can say that I have experienced something with you that we only hope many others will be able to do as well. Thank you for giving our family something that we will remember forever.

Renae Texidor - commented on 10-May-2013

I just wanted to say that March 7, 2013 Manta Ray experience was awe-inspiring! I had never done anything like it, and lived it. I always had a fondness for Manta Rays, and this reinforced my protective view of them. Thank you.

Cheryl Campbell - commented on 04-Apr-2013

Thank you so much for the fabulous footage of our night with the Manta Rays on March 26. We really didn’t know what to expect before our outing, but the education we received on our boat before entering the water was the perfect preparation for what we were about to experience.    I still cannot find the words to adequately express all that I felt being so close to these wonderful Manta Rays!    I could have stayed in the water for hours – it was mesmerizing watching their ballet. Thank you for your work to educate the visitors to Hawaii about these creatures and what we can do to save our oceans!

Paula Bowman - commented on 16-Nov-2012

Thank you so much. This was a bucket list thing for me and my daughter. She is so disappointed she was not invited on this incentive trip. Just showed her the video. We will be back together soon so she can check off this bucket list thing too. Thank you for capturing this moment for us forever.

Shirley Pratt - commented on 19-Oct-2012

Mahalo Martina for the GREAT photos & video!! Dave & I are very happy to have purchased wonderful memories of our manta adventure. Of course, being named Shirley I couldn't help but notice in video titles that there is a manta ray named Shirley Ray. So, I checked the library and found her ! Thanks so much for the info, in fact, I had to go read about the other rays too as I find it fascinating how you can tell them apart.

Phil Evans - commented on 19-Aug-2012

We took our two girls on this trip (august 2012). they we little nervous of doing a night snorkel. but they needn't have been. despite going to new york after our manta snorkel, they are adamant that this trip remains the highlight of their holiday!

Robert and Jean-Andre - commented on 08-Jul-2012

Martina, Your team and that of the Kona Diving Company made what I consider to be one of the best enriching experiences of our lives. The manta rays are incredibly gentle and majestic creatures; they flying-like movement through the water is akin a flawless ballet. I've already recommended to friends, family and co-workers to visit Hawaii and snorkel or scuba dive with the mantas.

Michele Lee - commented on 17-Jun-2012

Martina, you are amazing! Love your work. The mantas were all captured beautifully. I will certainly recommend you to my friends.

Arne Larson - commented on 26-May-2012

...You operate a wonderful service, and I will certainly advise everyone that I know to go to the Manta Ray event and buy your products.

Boyd Brooks - commented on 13-Apr-2012

Hi Martina, the DVD arrived today and it is splendid. Thank you once again, the DVD is a wonderful way to look back on the greatest dive of my life, that would have only lived in my memories had you not been there.

Dave Bertram - commented on 28-Mar-2012

30 years of diving without a manta ray, then 10 mantas in one fabulous evening of snorkeling! ...and a gorgeous video to relive it over and over! Even without the snorkel in my mouth, I'm speechless. Thanks Martina and crew. It must be very gratifying to provide such a delightful experience to your customers and to hang out with these wonderful animals.

Doug Stewart - commented on 22-Mar-2012

This was one of the best dives of my life and I have been diving for 50 years!

Stanley Urbom - commented on 29-Feb-2012

Martina, last night we viewed the videos and pictures from our dive and snorkel with the manta rays. All we can say is you did a great job. The memories will be with us for a long time.

Sarah Schacher - commented on 18-Feb-2012

Martina, we LOVE our manta DVD and photos! We can't wait to show it to our family and friends because it looks like something that would be on the Discovery Channel. You are so talented. We know we really scored with our 17 manta night dive; we are so glad you were there to capture it for us. (I am a "manta-virgin"--my husband had seen 4 on a night dive several years ago.) Thank you so much! (Dankeschön)

Randall Magorty - commented on 28-Jan-2012

I have rarely found myself speechless....but for about an hour you provided my wife and I with a thrilling manta ray experience that is beyond any words I know. I was not prepared to be so face-to-face close with those graceful creatures....that was a breath taking lifetime memory. Thank all of the people that made that night snorkel so special for us. Watching the DVD can transport us back to that time, the warm water, and that gentle November evening.

Peter McIntosh - commented on 12-Jan-2012

I began snorkeling in the late 1940s and graduated to an Aqualung in the early 50s. I have dived all over the world in the capacity of photographer and resource manager, yet I have never experienced anything as dramatic as the snorkeling trip my wife and I enjoyed with you one balmy evening last December. It was a truly surreal experience. Both of us were breathless, watching these huge animals swoop through the shafts of light and balls of bait and approach within inches of our masks. We shall never forget it. I will do a tank dive on my next visit but don't know how it could be better than our snorkeling trip. Maybe not better, just different. Thank you!

William Hahn - commented on 06-Jan-2012

Diving with the Manta Rays was an experience unlike any other - most definitely one of those once in a lifetime opportunities. Martina, you did an unbelievable job at capturing that moment perfectly and I would have been a fool not to purchase that incredible footage of 14 foot manta rays swimming inches above my head and around my body. Thank you soo much!

Manta Diver Ingo - commented on 29-Nov-2011

diese Tauch- und Schnorchelgänge sind immer wieder ein unvergessliches und unbeschreibbares Erlebnis. Danke für diese tolle Erfahrung.

Ron Sarid - commented on 20-Nov-2011

It is rare enough to experience the wonder of these majestic creatures from so close a vantage point; it is remarkable to have had the good fortune of Martina joining us and capturing the whole thing on film! The quality of Martina's work is first rate and the ultimate keepsake from such a memorable experience! Thanks for everything!

David Vogel - commented on 02-Nov-2011

Dear Martina Probably the most memorable experiences of my life of 79 years thus far. I was waiting like a five year old for candy to download the movie. Now that I watched it the video exceeded even our already high expectations. This is something we will never forget! I cannot say enough about your work. Regards Dave

Marcia Dunham - commented on 29-Oct-2011

Dear Martina Thank you so much for the wonderful DVD of our (my sister and I) snorkel with the manta rays on 10/22/11. It's wonderful! What an incredible experience and you did a terrific job of capturing it.

Daryn - commented on 20-Oct-2011

Martina Thanks for the awesome video and pictures. This dive was definitely a life experience. If you're stopping by the big island make sure you do this dive and get Martina to capture it! This was a recommendation I am glad I did not miss out on. Thanks again!

Michael Ditter - commented on 16-Oct-2011

Aloha Martina & Ryan the Manta-Performance at night was amazing the dolphin- and whale watch the next morning too. Thank you so much for finishing the videos so fast – so I had a chance to pick them up before moving to the Hilo side. A special thanks for the quality and the high niveau of the videos a great cut a beautiful music a super outfit – never before I watched such a professional video after an event– made with so much heart feeling and professionalism. THANKS A LOT!!!

Ami Wales - commented on 29-Sep-2011

My husband and I just went on this excursion. By far THE BEST part of our whole vacation!! Did such an amazing job making us feel comfortable since it was our first time snorkeling at night. Highly recommend it to anyone visiting the island :)

Jeffrey Allen - commented on 14-Aug-2011

Martina We are so thrilled to have a video and the pictures of our night in the water with the Manta Rays. You did a great job of capturing the moment and we are so glad to have these to remember this. Thank you so much!!

Joy Bertram - commented on 14-Aug-2011

My husband and I enjoyed this excursion immensely. Seeing the Mantas that up-close was amazing and breathtaking - ditto for your videos and photos that captured the event perfectly - just as we experienced it and remember it. Stunning work. We love your office and feel very fortunate to have briefly shared it with you.

Robyn Kelaher - commented on 12-Aug-2011

Martina that was the most awesome video EVER!!! Thank you so much for guiding us over the top of the manta rays and getting that awesome footage...these are the memories that we can relive again and again. Again thank you so much we look forward to seeing u again in the near future. The Kelaher crew from AZ :)

Kathie Rossitto - commented on 02-Aug-2011

Martina - Dove with the Mantas on July 2nd with Big Island Divers. You and your team did a fabulous job capturing the most spiritual and magical experience I have ever had. Thank you so much for documenting an event that will be imprinted in my mind forever so that I can share it with my friends and family.

LaCindra Carpenter - commented on 01-Aug-2011

We received our video in the mail today and we absolutely love it. I can't imagine anyone not buying your videos. What a wonderful way for us to remember that unique experience. We are all looking at the video and saying "that's me" and it is so cool to see the mantas swimming with us. Thank you so much for providing this service. I truly appreciate it!!

Michelle Beas - commented on 13-Jul-2011

What an amazing experience. It was one of those magical moments in time that you hear and read about but you never think you will get the chance. Then the  chance comes and it is even better than you ever imagined. I am so looking forward to viewing the DVD. this is a must for anyone that can do it and you must get the DVD TOO.

Carol Hunsaker - commented on 18-May-2011

Wow! What an experience and what magical creatures are the mantas. I will go back to Hawaii just to do this dive. We are so glad to have the movie so we can  relive it vicariously through film until we can make the trip again. Highlight of our trip for sure!

Nancy Jo Smith - commented on 10-May-2011

Martina you rock! I love the DVD you made of our time with the mantas. I have watched it several times already. My friends cannot believe we did that. Thank you so much. Great picture quality. Great shots. Love love love it. Nancy

Mike Dillon - commented on 05-May-2011

Wow I feel blessed to have witnessed the manta rays in Kona HI. The night snorkel dive with Martina was the highlight of our trip. Your professional edited DVD  is great. I relive the moment and the feeling every time we watch it. It is a wonderful feeling to have been so close to such amazing creatures. Enjoy Life

Madison Diloren - commented on 02-May-2011

Swimming with these angels of the sea was an amazing moment in our lives. Martina was awesome and got great footage. Cannot go thru life without this experience....it was awesome. Ya gotta do it!