Hans Hug

Hans Hug


Hans Hug is Martina Wing's brother-in-law.
The music you hear on this website and in all of Ocean Wings Hawaii Inc. productions was composed by Hans, who lost his battle to cancer in 2005. Martina saw her sister Conny and Hans' widow on a family re-union in Germany in 2006, where Martina received Hans' last published CD "Blue in Dark".
We are blessed and honored that Conny gave us the rights to the music and we hope that this will spread his work around the world.



The life of Hans-Joachim Hug, born in 1960 in Wuppertal, Germany, evolved around music from early on. Blessed with exceptional hearing and a talent for sound, groove and rhythm, he constantly created and wrote music from his early life on. Listening to great music was his passion and his extensive record- and CD-collection is one of the finest.

At the age of 8, he started to learn to play the organ. He played the church organ for many years as a teenager. His love for piano, keyboards and synthesizers developed in his young adult life. Many different musicians inspired Hans to explore a large variety of music and his enthusiasm and engagement brought fun and fantastic results. He founded his own band 'Target' and played his original jazz style music on stage in Europe. His attraction to the extraordinary involved him in projects like the chaos orchestra in Wuppertal, Germany where a group of musicians performed music under the logic of chaos. He was awarded in his hometown for the most outstanding and uncommon music in 1992.

Nature was his second passion and he explored the vast wilderness of North America many years of his life. The love for our planet demanded him to actively lead and involve himself in many environmental projects and he was a vehement and powerful fighter for resource sustainability and protection of our natural forests and waters.

Hans Hug

Traveling through many countries, Hans stimulated musicians for different musical projects in every place he stopped. His hunger for music was infectious and through his spirit many people developed their original music with his support. Hans wanted to feel it all. His enthusiasm and joy captured many of his friends. After moving to Nova Scotia, Canada in 1993, Hans devoted his life to family, music and nature. He opened a recording studio in Scotsburn. Many more musicians benefited from his talent and this produced exquisite musical results.

"Blue in Dark"' is his only original recorded music, which he both performed and produced.

At age 45, Hans succumbed to cancer leaving his wife Conny and 3 beautiful girls, who will always miss his leadership, happiness, laughs and love. His last wish to this world is:


"I wish that everybody does anything possible to further develop their understanding among the different cultures on Earth and therefore contribute to its truthful existence, whether it be through simple conversation, art, language or music."



Listen to the spirits of his music.
Copies of "Blue in Dark" are available in our online store.

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