Shirley Ray 

    Gender F
     Shirley Ray was identified on August 21, 2010 at Manta Heaven by Martina Wing. She was approximately 4 feet across and very shy. Martina was lucky to get a picture of her ventral side. 
     In May of 2011 she started to come around more, but stayed on the outskirts. On June 28, 2011 she made her first "solo appearance". That night Martina and Dive Master Luke Mason noticed that she had some line with a leader hooked to her wing. Luke gently removed the line. Eventually Shirley Ray decided that being close to the divers wasn't all that scary.

In Luke’s words “She let me swim up to her though and remove a fishing line and buoy from her wing tip. Then at minute 45 she finally swam right over my head, realized it was quite pain-free and productive and then just went berserk flying and somersaulting all over us. Yay Shirley, thank you and welcome.”
     We named this Manta Ray after Martina's cousin Shirley from Canada. Shirley passed away in 2009 after a long struggle and we want to remember what a good spirit she was to all of us, esp. her dad, mom and brothers Glenn and Dennis.
     Description of Markings:
Shirley Ray has four dots across her chest.


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Shirley RayShirley RayShirley RayShirley Ray
Shirley RayShirley RayShirley RayShirley Ray
Shirley RayShirley Ray