Melainah Ray 

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     Melainah Ray was identified on September 1, 2008 at Manta Village (Keauhou) by James Wing. She was approximately 7-8 feet across. 
     Melainah Ray was a young woman when she started to feed at the lights. She, like most new mantas we encounter was wary of the bubbles, sounds, and movements from the divers and snorkelers first, but as of late 2009 she is a great performer at the nightly Manta Ray "Show". She frequents both dive sites on a very regular basis and is seen at Manta Heaven and Manta Village within 24-48 hours.
     Melainah Ray is named after Melainah Yee, owner of the charter company "Sunlight On Water".
     Description of Markings:
Melainah Ray has several long slender spots on her belly: one long one on her left side and a medium sized one over three small ones in her middle.

Description of Scarring:
Melainah Ray has a deep cut in her right wing from a fishing hook injury (February 2011). You find more info about it below.

Melainah Ray's Scarring



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Melainah RayMelainah RayMelainah RayMelainah Ray
Melainah RayMelainah RayMelainah Ray


February 2011: Melainah Ray injured

On February 21, 2011 Melainah Ray came to the southern dive site with a deep, nasty cut on the leading edge of her right fin. She only stayed for a few minutes and then left. We had seen her on the 19th of February at Manta Heaven (Airport) and she was fine. This injury must have happened between her travel from Manta Heaven to Manta Village. It appears to be a fishing line injury.

Melainah was seen again three nights later on the 24th. She was moving very slowly and it seemed like she was in pain. We were able to get some images of the injury on February 25th. Check out the photo gallery which also shows images of her recuperating.

Compared to when we first observed Melainah Ray, she seems to be healing well. Fishing line injuries appear to be on the rise with other rays having similar but less severe injuries.

Melainah Ray - 1st time we saw her with the injury on her right wingMelainah Ray - She had just moved from Manta Heaven to Manta VillageMelainah Ray - She was moving slower than normalMelainah Ray Injury
Melainah Ray InjuryMelainah Ray InjuryMelainah Ray InjuryMelainah Ray Injury
Melainah Ray - she moved faster and did not seem to be hurting as muchMelainah Ray InjuryMelainah Ray InjuryMelainah Ray Injury