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     Lefty was identified June 1, 1979 by Steve Myklebust. This is over 30 years ago! She was about 8 feet across then; today we estimate her wingspan at 12-13 feet. 
     Lefty is one of the most famous Manta Rays. She is easily identified by her paralyzed left cephalic fin. When she is feeding her fin usually flops below or directly into her mouth. When she is not feeding and her cephalic fins are rolled up, her left fin points inward at a right angle instead of straight out in front of her.
     Lefty frequents Manta Heaven, but will also make appearances at Manta Village. Lefty has been known to brush belly’s with snorkelers or graces over a diver's head and often leaves people with an experience they will never forget.
     Description of Markings:
Lefty’s spot pattern has a large space between her right side and the rest of the marking. She also has a large diamond shaped spot in the middle of her chest just above the main spot pattern.

Description of Abnormality and Scarring:
Lefty's left cephalic fin is paralyzed. She also has scarring from a boat propeller injury on her right wingtip.

Lefty's Abnormality and Scarring




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