Koie Ray 

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     Koie Ray was identified on August 17, 2001 at Manta Heaven and was about 7 feet across. She is one of Kona’s staple Manta Rays and is now 12-14 feet wing tip to wing tip. 
     Koie Ray has no fear of being close to divers and snorkelers. She mostly feeds at Manta Heaven and will go to Manta Village when the plankton leads her there.
     Description of Markings:
Koie Ray has a very distinct W on her belly.
     Description of Abnormality and Scarring:
Koie Ray has been through a lot of hardship and injury.
Her left cephalic fin is missing (since June 2004). She also has scarring on her right wing from a fishing line injury (September 2004) and a shortened tail.

Koie's Abnormalities and Scarring




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Koie RayKoie RayKoie RayKoie Ray
Koie RayKoie RayKoie RayKoie Ray

Special Stories

May/June 2004

Sometime in May of 2004 Koie Ray got her cephalic fin entangled in fishing line.  As she swam the line became tighter and tighter eventually cutting off the blood supply to her fin.  Her left cephalic fin was a ball of discolored tissue hanging by one little piece of skin.  It did not look healthy.
On June 1, 2004 Jim Wing cut off the damaged part of the cephalic fin.  When Koie returned to the dive site a few weeks later her fin was completely healed and she appeared to be fully recovered.

Koie Ray with injured cephalic fin - May 2004Koie Ray with injured cephalic fin - May 2004A few weeks after removal of the cephalic fin, Koie Ray came back completely healed and fully recovered.

September 2004

A few months later in 2004 Koie came into the dive site with line wrapped around her right wing it was cutting into both the leading and trailing edges of her wing with each stroke.  Mike Vines, a dive master/Captain for Big Island Divers, was able to cut the line off of her wing.  Mike says Koie stopped feeding and made several passes stalling each time just above him allowing him to cut more of the line off.  Once he cut through all the pieces he pulled the line off the wing and Koie immediately went back to feeding.  Mike said “It was as if she knew what was going on and stayed so I could free her.”