Kailey Ray 

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     Kailey was first identified July 10th, 2009 at Manta Village by Ryan Leinbach and was about 4 feet across. 
     She has dealt with a lot of fishing hooks and scrapes since then, but she is a very resilient Manta Ray. For the first few months she was very shy and stayed mostly outside the lights or very close to the bottom. It took her about 3 months to become completely trusting the setup.
     Kailey is now a regular and a ”Star” of the Manta Village Show.

Kailey Ray is named after a young Manta Ray Enthusiast who comes to Hawaii with her family to visit the Manta Rays regularly.
     Description of Markings:
Kailey's pattern resembles a "Trident". Her pattern is made up of many round spots all collaborated together to make a pattern. It does not have smooth long strokes like Vinny Ray or Koie Ray.

Description of Abnormality:
Kailey Ray is missing her left cephalic fin since July 2011. You find more info about it below.

Kailey Ray's Abnormality



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Kailey RayKailey RayKailey RayKailey Ray
Kailey RayKailey RayKailey Ray

Special Stories

July 14, 2011: Kailey Ray lost her cephalic fin

On July 14th Kailey Ray showed up at Manta Village very battered and missing her left cephalic fin. We hadn't seen her since May 31, 2011.

December 2009

After a big winter swell with high surf had passed, Kailey showed up with bad scrapes and gashes on her belly, back and face. We assume that Kailey was too close to shore and got thrown into the sharp lava rock coastline. Fortunately it took only a few weeks for her to heal up wonderfully and proves once again that she is a “trooper.”