Delaney Ray 

    Gender F
     Delaney Ray was identified on August 23, 2008 by Scott Blain at Manta Heaven. She is about 6 feet wide. 
     Delaney is most often seen at Manta Heaven but will dine at Manta Village.
     She loves the divers and the food they accumulate. In the summer of 2011 she became comfortable with the divers bubbles and began coming into their lights to feed. Today Delaney is a very reliable manta, we know she will come close and give people a good show.
     Delaney has a solid pattern that looks like it is being "split down the middle" by one of her 5 spot from above.


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Delaney RayDelaney RayDelaney RayDelaney Ray
Delaney RayDelaney Ray