Big Bertha 

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     Big Bertha was first identified in 1992. She was not named "Little Bertha" at that time, which let us to believe that she always been a large female. We estimate her wingspan at 16 feet. 
     Big Bertha is a regular guest at the Manta Ray Experience and is comfortable with close encounters to divers and snorkelers. She can be seen at Manta Heaven and Manta Village.
     We have seen Big Big Bertha pregnant several times. Her belly bulges out and in the last few months being close to term, her back will fill out as well.
     Description of Markings:
Big Bertha has a definite Trident as her main spot pattern. It includes the spear like sharp tips. In addition, she also has “ The Hawaiian Island Chain” going up her left side. Lastly she has three dots off by themselves up to her right that seem to make a triangle.


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Special Stories

Big Bertha is pregnant - December 2010

We filmed Big Bertha in courtship behavior followed by males in May 2010.
The results can be seen today. Big Bertha is pregnant.  Her round belly is obvious.

UPDATE July 15, 2011

We estimated that Big Bertha's pregnancy will end sometime in June/July 2011 after a 13 months gestation period. We are happy to announce that Big Bertha is not pregnant anymore! She gave birth to a Manta Ray pup sometime between June 30, 2011 and July 15, 2011.
We filmed her regularly and have created a movie about her pregnancy starting with courtship behavior. Check out Big Bertha's pregnancy"diary" here.