Helpful Tips




1. Careful Boat Selection

Tour Operators represent a large variety of boats and crew. Decide what you want or need and we will recommend the right provider for you as if you are a family member.




2. Bring Towel and Sweatshirt

As a rule, towels are not provided, so it is important to bring your own. A sweatshirt is also recommended.



3. Avoid Seasickness

We strongly recommend using seasick medication before you step on board a vessel, if you haven’t been on the ocean at night at least twice before (for more than an hour). It’s not that ocean conditions are particularly rough, but because this activity is conducted at night, people tend to get seasick much more easily.

Over and over people have commented (after they got seasick), “This has never happened to me before!” Medication is cheap insurance against motion sickness. Don’t let motion sickness ruin your adventure. It is easy to prevent. Guests have often told us that “Marezine”, “Bonine” or “Meclazine” worked well for them. Some guests also use patches, pressure point wrist bands or ginger chews. We recommend you to consult with your physician if you have never used this type of medication before.


4. Consider Tipping the Crew

Boat Crews work very hard to make your Manta Ray Experience the best it can be. People often say, “That is the most incredible experience I have ever had!” and then they completely bypass the crew’s tip jar. Wages are typically low for these types of jobs while living expenses in Hawaii are very high. $5 or $10 per person in your party for the crew is a tangible way to say Mahalo (Hawaiian for "Thank you") and very much appreciated by the crew. In most instances, the crew members are certified lifeguards, trained in CPR, AED and scuba divers, and all captains are U.S. Coast Guard certified.


5. Valuables

The trunk of your car is not a safe place. The odds are that your car will not be broken into, but why risk it ? There is no need to leave your valuables in the rental car. They are much safer on the boat. Leave jewelry back at the hotel or condo. The water temperature causes the skin to contract and expensive jewelry has been lost.

Helpful Tips


6. Familiarize yourself with Snorkeling

We do not recommend this ocean experience to non-swimmers or first-time snorkelers.

If you have never been snorkeling before, practice in the hotel pool or in the ocean during the day. That way you will be ready and have some experience before the activity. Don’t stress yourself by doing it for the first time at night with large Manta Rays swimming by. Snorkeling is easy, but best practiced.





7. Minimum Age

Children under the age of twelve must have constant adult supervision on-board and in the water for obvious reasons. Please use common sense for kids under the age of six. Don't forget we are on the ocean at night with big, beautiful fish. The crew does not have the time to baby sit the young ones.


8. Feedback

Let us know how it went . If you are not happy with the service you received, we need to know why so that we can take measures to “fix” the problem or remove the operator from our Preferred Provider list.



9. Schedule early

Make reservations for this activity early. Visitors who wait until the last minute sometimes find that the “Preferred Providers” are full and they either are not able to find a boat to go on or are forced to go with an operator who can’t fully meet their needs or expectations.


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