Manta Rays in Kona Hawaii

Update for September 16-30, 2011

by Martina Wing - Tuesday, October 11, 2011
Exciting News from Manta Village: A young male Manta Ray called "Mac Ray" made his way to Keauhou. Mac Ray was identified in Kealakekua last December. On September 30 we spotted him on the outskirts of the dive site. He is shy and not so sure about the bubbles and lights, but he got a good meal just circling the divers.


Shirley Ray has turned into a quite friendly manta.  She has had a couple of nights where it was just her at Manta Heaven.  She put on a lovely show for everyone.  It is nice to see that new mantas are learning that the dive sites can be a good source for food.  It also increases our probability for seeing and observing these creatures in their natural environment.

Some “unusual”, or maybe its “usual”, behavior was seen at Manta Heaven this month.
We used to think that mating season was March, April, May and June. This was the time period that we saw mating trains and/ or mating mantas.  This timing also corresponded with sightings of small new manta babies.
On September 17, 2011 Andrea Ray arrived at Manta Heaven with a slew of boys following her.  This mating behavior has caused some of us to re-think our views on Manta Ray Mating season.  

The highest number of Manta Ray sightings occured on September 13 at Manta Heaven with 25 individuals identified. The highest number was 8 Mantas at Manta Village on September 3.
Check out the statistics for September 2011.

We like to point out the "Best of 3 in attendance".
The Gold Medal for the “Best attendance” goes to Grayer with 19x appearances this month.
Closely followed by Koie Ray (18x) which includes her sightings at Manta Village and Manta Heaven. She is a "traveller". 3rd place is shared by Blain Ray and Vallaray, who entertained the folks 18x this month.
Vallaray split her time between Manta Village (4x) and Manta Heaven (13x) and she completed her swimming mostly within 48 hours. Manta Heaven and Manta Village are about 16 miles apart. 

With Aloha
Martina, Ryan and Jim