Manta Rays in Kona Hawaii

News from the Mantas (Nov. 1 - 15, 2011)

by Martina Wing - Monday, November 28, 2011
Aloha, the first part of November we did not have much plankton at "Manta Heaven" which resulted in five nights of being skunked. But Shirley Ray saved us on four nights when she was the only Manta Ray to check on the "buffet".

We always have to remember that this experience is not about Manta Rays meeting "humans"; it is definitely all about food. The Manta Rays care less who is attached to the lights, but they do care about the food in front of the lights. This being said, when we have no plankton at the established manta sites, then the Manta Rays have no reason to come.

"Manta Village", on the other hand, has had consistent manta sightings. Most nights have had 2 or 3 which is an average for this site. We are always happy when 1 Manta Ray shows up and Kailey Ray has come to feed every night so far.

Our youngster Jana Ray has joined the "dinner table" as a regular now and has really “opened up” to the snorkelers. She was first identified last August, but was not seen again until October. She used to stay on the outskirts and was a very shy girl. This month all that has changed and within 2 week she is now comfortable with real close-ups to the snorkelers; and we mean sometimes just inches away. This is awesome.


Here is a quick overview of the numbers we have seen this month so far:

There has also been many manta sightings during the daytime in current lines. Our friend and boat operator Ron Gittins of Coral Reef Snorkel Adventures identified a beautiful pelagic Manta Ray. He named it "Rami Ray", which pronounces: "ray me ray".


Both images were taken by Jerry Busheff.

With Aloha
Martina, Ryan and Jim