Manta Rays in Kona Hawaii

News from the Manta Rays (December 2011)

by Martina Wing - Monday, January 23, 2012
Aloha, the first half of the month of December was slow for Manta Ray sightings. Several nights we had only fly- bys or late shows. Numbers began to pick up though during the month: Blain Ray was seen 18 times and Koie Ray and Kailey Ray are sharing the "Manta of the Month" with 22 sightings. The following numbers will give you an overview of the numbers of Mantas we saw at the airport location and at the Sheraton.

The complete statistics for December can be found here:

The Manta Dive/Snorkel is extremely popular today and with the large influx of Holiday travelers we had many participants joining the activity. There were several nights in a row with 100+ people in the water and the Mantas gave a great show. Some guests were wondering if this would be detrimental to the Manta Rays: We can assure you and this is based on thousands of hours we have spent with the Manta Rays at the dive sites that the Mantas behavior has not changed over the years and they care less how many people view them as long as everyone obeys the rules and are quiet and calm observers respecting their environment. We actually have been able to condition more Manta Rays over the years.
This being said, we do believe that we are coming to a point where we have reached the limit of how many people can be organized at night under water and also on the surface during the 45-60 in-water activity.

We had not seen Reece Ray since October 2010, so we are really excited that she made 4 appearances this month. On December 19th and 24th she joined the "dinner table" at Manta Heaven, then she moved south to share "dinner" at Manta Village on the 27th and 28th. So happy to have her still around.

"Ralph’s Ray" found his way North from Manta Village to Manta Heaven this month. He stayed in the outskirts at Manta Heaven and enjoyed the plentiful plankton. It is always wonderful to see a real youngster among the experienced Manta Rays.

With Aloha
Martina, Ryan and Jim