Manta Rays in Kona Hawaii

Nakeli Ray (Update Nov. 16-30, 2011)

by Martina Wing - Sunday, December 04, 2011
Aloha, This month of November it seems as if things in the manta world have “flipped upside down.”  We usually encounter more mantas and stronger numbers at "Manta Heaven" (airport location) and lower numbers at Manta Village. This month has been the opposite.
There has not been much plankton in the cove at Manta Heaven and mostly we have been skunked or one or two Mantas showed up. We had Manta sightings at Manta Village every night this month.
Big Bertha, Lefty, Teresa Ray and Koie Ray made regular appearance at the southern location. They were joined by Kailey Ray, Margo Ray, Melainah Ray, Mac Ray and Jana Ray. The plankton has been consistent there and it seems as the mantas that usually frequent the airport location are just following the food.

We are so blessed that we have two well established feeding areas here on the Kona Coast. If one dive site has no Manta Rays, we have a back-up plan and we can explore the other site. We are still able to show our customers the beauty and grace of these magnificent animals.

Kailey Ray is our gold metal manta this month.  She was at the dive site 24 times of possible 30. Jana Ray, the newest conditioned Manta Ray at Manta Village (see older posts) was seen 20 times in November.
Melainah Ray is our # 3. She was seen 13 times, and this was split between both feeding areas.
Check out the statistics here!

On November 2, 2011 Ryan saw a beautiful pelagic female Manta Ray during the day. It is the first time we ever seen this manta, so the "rule " in Kona is that we have the naming rights :)
We will name this Manta Ray "Nakeli Ray", which is "Natalie" in Hawaiian. Her namesake is Natalie Munsterman, wife of dive master David from Kona Diving Company.
Nakeli Ray is easy to identify, because she doesn't have a tail. She is approx. 18-20 feet wide. WOW!


We wish every one a "Happy Holiday" season.
Martina, Ryan and Jim