Manta Rays in Kona Hawaii

News from the Mantas (Sept. 1-16, 2011)

Monday, September 26, 2011
Good News from Lisa Rae: The little female had a hook embedded on the top part of her mouth back in June. Please check out the images or read the full story here:
Lisa Rae wit HookLisa Rae wit HookLisa Rae wit Hook

On September 9th Lisa Rae joined us again at Manta Heaven and the hook was gone!  Hooray for hooks that rust!

The first part of September has been pretty consistent with Manta Sightings at both dive sites.

On September 6, 2011 we had three Manta Rays at Manta Village: Salem Ray, Kailey Ray and Vallaray. Salem and Kailey just did a few “fly-bys”, because the plankton never really got thick enough for the Mantas to feed, but to our surprise Vallaray decided to still come close to the float with the lights and barrel-roll in front of the guests. It almost appeared as if she was saying “Hey guys, I’m here...here’s your manta show, take your pictures... check me out before I leave for greener pastures.”

And so Vallaray did: Two nights later we enjoyed her presence at Manta Heaven (16 miles to the north of Manta Village), where the plankton was abundant.

Blain and Grayer are currently tied for most sightings this month.  We have had a few nights so far with 20+ mantas at Manta Heaven.  Hopefully the rest of the month is as good as the first!

With Aloha
Ryan, Jim & Martina

Update for August 16-31, 2011

Saturday, September 10, 2011
Big Bertha, Delaney, Koie Ray, Lefty, Melainah Ray, and Vallaray have all been BIG travelers this month. These six mantas changed between Manta Heaven and Manta Village several times, and this within 24, 48 or 72 hours. Big Bertha made the 16 mile trek twice in 72 hours. Check out the statistics page to see all the “traveling” from site to site that was done this month.

Delaney Ray is coming more frequently and is getting bolder around the bubbles. She was first identified in 2008 at Manta Heaven and then started to visit more frequently in May 2011.
It is very interesting to follow her moving between Manta Village on Friday (08/26), Manta Heaven on Saturday (08/28), and then back at Manta Village on Wednesday (08/31).

Kailey is healing beautifully. She seems fully recovered after losing her cephalic fin and behaves around the bubbles and lights as if nothing had happened. She is our # 2 Manta Ray for most sightings (14x) for the month of August.
Koie Ray is our # 1 Manta Ray this month with most sightings (15x) during the Manta Ray Experience. She enjoyed dinner at both locations.
Our # 3 is Melainah Ray (13x).

Melainah Ray was injured by fishing line this past February. Check out the following pictures and see how she recovered from it.

Melainah Ray - 1st time we saw her with the injury on her right wingMelainah Ray - She had just moved from Manta Heaven to Manta VillageMelainah Ray - She was moving slower than normalMelainah Ray Injury
Melainah Ray InjuryMelainah Ray InjuryMelainah Ray InjuryMelainah Ray Injury

With Aloha,
Martina, Jim & Ryan
Kona, Hawaii